Mooring Ordinance

The Select Board has implemented a regulation requiring a 20-foot navigable channel free of boats in the inlet facing the AYC.  The channel has been marked by using blue and white floats.  If the channel does not stay free of boats, the select board has the option to implement state guidelines requiring a corridor more than 200 feet wide in the inlet, so please do your best to respect the corridor for everyone's convenience and provide room for members boats. 

-      Please do not move the blue and white markers.  The channel is placed to inconvenience the least number of members and meet the town regulation.  

-      If your mooring is within the channel or close enough that your boat could swing into the channel, please relocate the mooring.

-      Please mark your mooring tackle for both winter and summer with your name and phone number.  This information is very important when boats are dragging or a chain has broken.

-      When locating or relocating a mooring, please consider the swing radius of your boat and surrounding boats to ensure that boats can swing without contact that could result in damage.

-      If you have a mooring that you are not using, please mark it with your name and number and let a board member know that the mooring is available or place a note in the club (when it opens).  It would be helpful if new members could use existing unused moorings due to the limited space in the inlet.