Wayne Cane

Wayne Cane













The now-defunct Boston Post newspaper distributed walking canes to over
700 New England towns. There is no historical record that the Town of Wayne
ever had a Boston Post Cane to be awarded to the Town’s eldest citizen. 
The Wayne Cane was donated by the Jennings family for that purpose.

Wall of Fame

Marquerite "Mike" Holbrook
Awarded: October 5, 2008
Age: 99 Deceased: 103

Priscilla Berry Stevenson
Awarded: May 19, 2013
Age: 95 Deceased: 102


Grace Burleigh
Awarded: May 1, 2020
Age: 100 Deceased: 101


Lincoln F. Ladd
Awarded: December 22, 2020
Age: 94 Deceased: 95

Betty Boothby
Awarded: June 10, 2022
Age: 95
The Mystery of Wayne's Boston Post Cane Wayne Historical Society Research Paper