Fire Department


The Wayne Fire Department is a volunteer department. The members of the volunteer Fire Department have weekly meetings every Wednesday night at 6:30 at North Wayne Station. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer firefighter please contact the Wayne Fire Chief; you can find his information below.

If you are looking for a burn permit you can obtain one through one of the Fire Department's Chief Officers. Their names and phone numbers are below:

Taylor Stevenson (Fire Chief)                       Cell:                                   (207) 242-0613
Bruce Mercier  (Deputy Chief)                      Cell:                                   (207) 931-8116
Steve Booth (Assistant Chief)                      Cell:                                  


The fiscal year ending June 2020 was one of the unprecedented and unpredicted changes in the fire service mostly due to “The Virus”.  It disrupted meetings and training and caused the creation of response protocols never envisioned before.  The Wayne Fire Department came together with the other departments of the Lakes Region Mutual Aid group and adapted procedures across the emergency response field which helped us to keep ourselves as safe as possible while doing what was required during responses.  


At year-end, the truck committee had secured the chassis for the new 72 and had developed plans for the body production and completion of the project with delivery expected in the early spring of 2021.


New landing zone kits were acquired with training in their use to happen as “The Virus” will allow.


Meetings and training are currently limited due to the conditions of the pandemic but will return to a regularly occurring schedule as soon as possible.