Cary Memorial Library



Librarian:                                    Janet Adelberg
Library Phone:                            (207) 685-3612   
Library (Physical) Address:        17 Old Winthrop Road
Library (Mailing) Address:          P.O. Box 127, Wayne, ME 04284
Library E-mail:                  
Library Website:               

The Cary Memorial Library, serving the public free of charge, is operated by the Wayne Library Association, a private 501(C)3 incorporated association.  Anyone wishing to become a voting member of the library has the option of paying $5.00 annual dues.  The library is staffed by a professional librarian, assisted by many volunteers.  It is open 27 hrs a week in the winter and 31 hrs in the summer. Approximately 1,000 people are regular patrons, and the library averages 8,000 items in circulation each year.

The library is a very important public space in our, small rural town.  In addition to books and other lending materials, the library offers free public access to FIVE computers and the use of a printer and a copy machine.  The library provides high-speed wireless internet in an area where many have no other access to it. Due to the strength of the wireless signal, when the library is closed, many people park outside to access the Internet.  The library hosts a weekly children’s story hour, a summer children’s reading program’s art and historical exhibits, poetry readings and author events.  Small organizations and book groups hold meetings here.