Wayne's Aging at Home Program Partnership with AARP supports Local Elders during Power Outages

A way for Wayne's seniors to stay connected with the world during power outages- through a grant from AARP Maine Thanks to a generous grant from AARP Maine, the Town of Wayne's Aging At Home program will be receiving 40 rechargeable power banks to distribute to elders in town. The grant will pay $70 of the $80 cost for each of these power banks, so the net cost to Wayne Elder is $10 per person.
Donations above that $10 amount to allow us to buy more power banks to distribute are welcome.
What are power banks and why do people need them?
A power bank is a rechargeable battery about the length and width of a smartphone, but somewhat thicker. It can be charged using the same kind of power supply and USB charging cord that people use to charge a smartphone. When it is charged, it can be used to recharge a smartphone or any similar device during a power outage. We estimate that the power banks we are getting would recharge a smartphone seven times- that means that people using them could keep their phones charged during a week-long power outage. We increasingly rely on our phones to get needed help, let us check on weather forecasts and when power will be restored, keep in touch with family, and for the many other uses that we have for them. During a power outage, a dead cell phone battery can be a serious problem. Once charged, a power bank lets us stay in touch with the outside world even when the power is out.
How often do I have to charge the power bank?
Modern power banks will hold a charge for 3- 6 months; charging the power bank 3 or 4 times a year (and after it is used) should be enough.
Should I leave the power bank plugged into a charger all the time?
That is not necessary, and could eventually lead to the power bank overheating. It's best to charge only every three months or so and after each use.
Can I use the power bank to recharge anything else?
Power banks can be used to recharge tablets and e-readers. There are also rechargeable LED lamps that can be recharged from a power bank. Almost anything that can be charged through a USB cable can be charged by a power bank. That includes some laptop computers, though those will drain the power bank battery more quickly than a phone or an LED lamp.
Please email Stan Davis to sign up to get a power bank or if you have questions. sdavis@waynemaine.org Please help us spread the word.