Wayne Cemetery Association

The Wayne Cemetery Association manages several public cemeteries located throughout Wayne.
  • Gordon Cemetery, Berry Road
  • Revolution War Cemetery, Berry Road
  • Beech Hill Cemetery, Strickland Ferry Road
  • Lakeshore Cemetery, Lake Shore Drive 
  • North Wayne Cemetery, North Wayne Road
  • Evergreen Cemetery, Old Winthrop Road

The Cemetery Association is run by an eight-member Board of Directors.

President - Linda Morin
Vice-President - Bud Norton
Treasurer - Doug Stevenson
Secretary - Baylee Bachelder
Ken Foss
Theresa Kerchner
Steve Saunders
Don Welsh

Sexton  -  Bud Norton - Cell - 931-8414.    Please contact Bud for all questions regarding burials or available plots.

Mt. Pleasant Cemetery Association

The Mt. Pleasant Cemetery Association is a private cemetery located off the Gott Road just past the Ladd Center in Wayne, Maine.    It dates back to the early 1800’s, and Association members include the relatives of any person previously buried in the cemetery, or anyone who has purchased a burial plot in the cemetery.  The old part of the cemetery on the hill is full, but there are plenty of burial plots across the road in the newer part of the cemetery. This Cemetery has always been run privately with a Board of Trustees, and a Superintendent, and has an endowment fund to pay expenses. 
Co-Presidents  -  Charley and Sharon Bonney
Treasurer  -  Linda Morin
Secretary  -  Judy Danielson

Superintendent  -  Bud Norton - Cell - 931-8414.    Please contact Bud for all questions regarding burials or available plots.


Wing Cemetery

Wing Cemetery is a private family cemetery located on Pond Road in Wayne, Maine. The cemetery is located on the "National Register of Historic Places" because many of the earliest town founders were buried in the cemetery in the late 18th century.

"This treasured burial ground was laid out in 1867, to be constructed in circular configurations. At the precise center of the grounds stands a 12-foot high granite obelisk, which is the focal point of an elevated circular mound of earth 14 feet in diameter, which in turn is surrounded by a three-foot-deep dry moat. On the monument's octagonal base, facing the gate and entrance walk is inscribed the "Wing" and the date 1871. On each of the other seven sides, facing the lots is inscribed the name of one of the original seven brothers, all of whom came to Wayne in the 1780s. Proceeding in the circle, to the right, going counterclockwise around the monument they are: Simeon Jr., Allen, Ebenezer, Aaron, Moses, Thomas, and William. Circling this impressive center are concentric rings, each ring includes graves of members of succeeding generations descended from whichever of the seven brothers the headstone face." A Happy AbundanceWayne's "Wing Ring," By Eloise Ault