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Memorial Day Committee

Memorial Day, May 30th, 2022


The Committee is responsible for arranging a respectful commemoration of Memorial Day, including a parade, music, and remarks focused on Wayne’s support of maintaining American ideals and freedoms.  Following two years of only online reflections, the program returned to an in-person event.
The Committee sponsored a banner in Memorial Park along Main Street, “Wayne Honors Memorial Day” with memorial ribbons attached naming Wayne’s war dead and others with connections to Wayne.
During the parade, a memorial wreath was laid at the Memorial Stone along Main Street by Colonel Don Welsh, Commander, and Parade Marshal.  The wreath was presented by Mary Hill; the Marshal’s commemorative sword was held by Madden Messer. Lloyd Irland served as Detachment Sgt., with Russell and Steve Dodge, Color Guard.
The Memorial Day Address was capably provided by Wayne’s Colonel Matthew Yetishefsky, USAF (ret), former Commander, Air Force Flight Standards Agency. In respect and honor of the people of Ukraine, the Ukrainian national anthem was performed by Christina Misner Rao. During the flag-raising ceremony, The Star Spangled Banner was performed by the Wayne Community Church’s Corona Choir which also performed “A Prayer for Ukraine” during the program.
The names of veterans who had passed in the preceding year were raised:
  • David Ross Ault  (also a member of the Committee)
  • Warren Davenport
  • Lincoln Filene Ladd
The Memorial Wreath was laid into the Mill Stream by Col. Yetishefsky accompanied by the Color Guard with Taps performed by Fritz Onion.
Pastor Angela Rotherham offered the Invocation to open the ceremony. Pastor Jon Olson closed with the benediction.
Respectfully,  Wayne Memorial Day Committee
Peter Ault
Kate Ballou
Chris Ireland, General, U. S. Air Force (ret.)
Douglas Stevenson
Holly Stevenson
Donald Welsh, Colonel, U.S. Marine Corps (ret.)