Conservation Commission


Dear Wayne Citizens,

The Wayne Conservation Commission (WCC) made progress on long term conservation projects in fiscal year 2020 (July 1, 2019 through June 30, 2020).  Most of the WCC’s work focused on the Town-owned “Wilson Pond Lot” (WPL), which Wayne citizens had voted to preserve in June 2019.  This hilly, forested parcel located on the House Road, is listed as 118 acres in size, and includes approximately 1,000 feet of frontage on Wilson Pond.  It contains several distinctive points of interest and significant wildlife and recreational values.

During summer 2019, WCC members, in consultation with the Select board, identified initial actions to be taken in developing a management plan for the parcel.  Some early objectives were to develop an inventory of the natural resources of the property including characterizing its plant and wildlife community and to contract for a survey of the property.  Having a professional survey done of the entire parcel is particularly important to determine the precise location of the boundaries of the property.  

On August 24, 2019, the WCC hosted a walk at the WPL lot which invited the public to explore the property on foot.  NineWayne residents participated in the event.

In September 2019, with expertise generously donated by Maine Master Naturalist and Wayne resident Pam Green, the WCC conducted a partial plant inventory of the parcel.  We have tentative plans to continue the inventory in spring 2021.  The WCC also drafted a list of wildlife species and prepared preliminary recommendations for management of wildlife habitat.  Plans for a formal management plan for the land, with public involvement, are under development.

In March 2020 deed research and a detailed scope of work for the property boundary survey was completed.  A boundary survey by professional surveyors is expected to be completed in Spring 2021.  The WCC and Select board also considered a potential location for a parking area to facilitate future public access. 

As part of its continuing mission to engage Wayne citizens with conservation areas in all seasons, the WCC hosted a winter walk at the WPL on January 19, 2020.  A dozen participants enjoyed walking and snowshoeing on a beautiful winter day.

In spring 2020 the WCC continued to prioritize next steps for the WPL, including seeking possible grant opportunities to defray future costs for constructing a parking area and creating one or more hiking/walking trails including a handicapped-accessible portion if possible. 

A further task for spring 2021 will be raising additional funds for the WPL survey and further improvements at the WPL as well as other properties.  Within the next two years, the WCC hopes to achieve the goals of both preserving the natural character of the WPL and making it accessible for all Wayne residents to enjoy.

Another significant mission of the WCC is to develop an Open Space Plan, as identified in the Town’s updated Comprehensive Plan which was adopted in 2017.  The first step will be forming an Open Space planning committee that is not limited to WCC members but includes all Wayne residents who wish to participate in the process.  Because this would require holding a public meeting -- or likely a series of them -- to ensure that all interests are represented, we made the difficult decision to defer the Open Space planning project until such time when the COVID-19 pandemic is under control.  Let’s hope for 2021!


Respectfully submitted,


Leslie Burhoe, Secretary

Anne Huntington

Fred Hurley (Associate)

Lloyd Irland

Chris Jones, Chair

Diana McLaughlin

Ken Spalding